Success Story continued
Coming to the AWARE shelter wasn’t easy for Kailyn. For 18 years she watched her mother endure abuse.  Kallyn assumed this was how her life was supposed to be, too.  But eventually this young mother couldn’t accept that sentence.  Her one-year-old child and baby she would soon hold in her arms fueled her courage.  Kallyn knew they deserved better.  When she finally fled to the AWARE shelter, she was scared, almost emotionally broken. But after countless days of abuse, the three of them were finally safe.  During her stay the AWARE advocacy staff assisted her with housing, counseling and other basic needs.  With a baby on the way, finding a job was not an option right away, but soon it would be.  She was approved for government assistance, she found an apartment that was perfect for her family.  She continues counseling and is exploring daycare options for when she gets a job.  Kallyn wants to provide a loving, nurturing home for her children.  Her kids will have the childhood that escaped her.

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