Jackson Friendly Home Success Story Continued
Maxine is one of the most recent Jackson Friendly Home residents.  Maxine was a strong woman for most of her life, a proud member of this country’s greatest generation.  But years of fighting personal battles eventually wore her down.  Before coming to JFH, Maxine had difficulty managing her emotions. Over the last few years, she made decisions that negatively impacted her life.  She found false comfort by drinking, and she neglected her medical needs.  The pressure and strain on her family became more than they could handle.  They loved her but couldn’t continue to provide the care she needed.  Jackson Friendly Home took her in. For the first time in years, Maxine had a stable life.  She had the medical and emotional support she needed.  She began attending AA meetings and planned daily activities.  She connected with peers and reconnected with her loved ones. 

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