General Contact Information:
United Way of Jackson County
536 N. Jackson St.
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 784-0511
(517) 784-2430 FAX

You may contact any of our staff via email; simply address your message to any staff member by using the following convention:

First initial and last name (all one word), followed by the “at” sign, then

For example, John Smith would be  (capitalization does not matter).

Have a question and just don’t know who to ask? Here is a helpful list so that you can get your question answered quickly.

Staff Contact Information:

Alison2 Alison Stoner
Community Solutions Manager
(517) 796-5132
Beth Beth Shafer
Director of Resource Development
(517) 796-5119
Bethany Bethany Stutzman
Community Solutions Director
(517) 796-5123
betsy2 Betsy Durant
Energizing Education Family Involvement Coordinator
(517) 990-6069 x 280
Charlie Charlie Miller
Energizing Education Recruitment Coordinator
(517) 990-6070 x 281
Ebony Ebone Worthey
Energizing Education Communication & Data Coordinator
(517) 990-6074 x 284
Heather Heather Kapustka
Processing Center Manager
CARE Program
(517) 796-5131

Ken Ken Toll 
President and Chief Executive Officer
(517) 796-5128
Lois Lois Dunning
Energizing Education Manager
(517) 990-6072 x 282
Marc Marc Daly
Campaign Manager
(517) 796-5124
Margaret Margaret Grose
AFL CIO Community Services Liaison
(517) 796-5121
Mellissa Mellissa Silveus
Operations Administrative Assistant
(517) 796-5134
Rita Rita Jewell
Director of Operations
(517) 796-5122
Stephanie Stephanie Schiro
Community Resource Associate
(517) 796-5120
Bonnie Philson
(517) 796-5137