Guardian Services Success Story Continued

Betty’s neighbors were aware of her. They knew she was in her mid-60s, developmentally disabled and living alone.  They were aware, but they didn’t really know her. That’s why it took a few days for one of Betty’s neighbors to realize they hadn’t seen her in a while. It took another day for that neighbor to mention it to another neighbor. It took another 24 hours for their concern to grow to the point that they called the police. When no one answered their repeated knocks, the police kicked in the door and entered Betty’s home. 

What they found was horrific.

The house was unkempt and unsanitary. Betty was alive but unresponsive,  surrounded by empty liquor bottles, lying in her urine and waste. She had a wound on her leg that was infested with maggots. An ambulance took Betty to Henry Ford Allegiance Health. Betty’s case was reported to Jackson County’s Adult Protective Services. They could not locate a family member to make decisions on Betty’s behalf. The Jackson County Guardian Program was appointed Temporary Guardian and Conservator. A Guardian addressed Betty’s medical issues after she was discharged from the hospital, coordinating placement in a safe community living arrangement that met her needs. The Guardian also arranged for treatment for Betty’s alcoholism. 

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