Success Story Continued

Mary was struggling — with her children, with relationships within her family, with work, and especially with her husband. She had good role models as a child, and her parents were great. Why was her marriage so different? Why couldn’t she forgive him for their problems of the past?

She was referred to Outpatient Counseling at Catholic Charities, a program funded by United Way. Her head hung low as she filled out the paperwork. When meeting her therapist for the first time, she didn’t shake hands or even say “hi.”  Mary looked at the floor and said, “I don’t want to cry today.”

During the course of her treatment, Mary improved her communication with her husband. Now she was contributing solutions instead of participating in disagreements. Using several techniques, she began to recognize and engage in self-care as a wife and mother. It took time, but the progress she made lead to better relationships with her children. The strategies she had learned helped her enjoy family time again. 

Mary got a new job – and with it, growing confidence. She began volunteering and became involved in the community. She’s able to adapt and juggle her responsibilities which was once a challenge for her. It took time and a lot of hard work, but her marriage was saved, she relishes the time with her children, and she is now a confident professional who gives back to her community.

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