62% of Project Access patients reported an increased ability to work or increase their productivity after one year in the program
John owns and operates his own painting business.  On weekends he picks up scrap metal, does a little construction work and other odd jobs to make ends meet.  He makes enough to get by from week to week but that’s about it.  John is a hard worker who has ongoing health issues that…
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78% of students who completed the Breakout Drug Education program reported that there is a “little or no chance” that they will drink or use drugs until at least 18 years of age.
Hi Ms. Shelley, I loved it when you came to my school.  I have a lot of friends who thinks it’s cool to smoke pot and get drunk.  They ask me to join them all the time and…
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97% of AWARE counseling clients report an understanding that domestic violence is not the fault of the victim.
A client came into the AWARE shelter after being abused by her boyfriend and his parents.  She was also dealing with the threats of them taking her young child away from her.  She came into shelter and immediately…
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4,110 Family Counseling sessions were completed in 6 months, 90% showed mental and/or behavioral improvement.
Mary has been a client for the last six months.  She sought help because she couldn’t…
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800 Jackson County teens have been reached through the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative’s Teen Advisory Council.
The Power of Me program took place for the 3rd year at the King Center for a four week after school program in February through March of 2014.  The finale is that all program participants get to…
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97% of AWARE presentation attendees reported an increased knowledge in sexual assault and the healing process.
This 18 year-old female client has a history of early childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect.  She has lived with her paternal grandmother since leaving foster care.  She was kidnapped and…
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685 people completed Outpatient Counseling last year.  90% showed mental and/or behavioral improvement
Crystal came to be seen for grief issues.  Her younger brother, Jack, had come back to Michigan in March from the warmer southern climates in order to die at home.  He had been diagnosed with ALS.  Crystal is a single mother of five, who had recently…
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326 area children have access to regular exercise through dance class and positive role models.
Dance brings people together and this was most evident this past season when…
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At-risk youth not only develop a better sense of their own future, they also showed improvement in physical fitness and personal hygiene.
Little sister Susan is excited to be starting her second year with Big Sister Kelly!  Susan is a bright 11-year-old who has lived with…
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