Jackson’s Business Resource Network

JobSTAR announcement on March 29th. Jim Couto – Business Services Manager of Michigan Works, Ken Toll – UWJC President, Zoe Lyons – Director of Jackson County MDHHS, Bob Powell – Executive Director of Family Service & Children’s Aid

JobSTAR (Support Talent and Retention) is a resource for employers to help their employees overcome obstacles that may impede their ability to work. A Success Coach confidentially works with employees of participating businesses. Workers are connected to services and support programs to help them overcome challenges that effect their job attendance and performance. The Success Coach is funded by sponsoring partners and participating businesses.

The results include a stronger workforce, financially stable families, higher productivity and a more vibrant economy.

JobSTAR partners

United Way of Jackson County
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Works! Southeast
Jackson County Department of Health and Human Services
Family Service & Children’s Aid

Participating Companies

Industrial Steel Treating
Melling Tool
Jackson County ISD
Lifeways Community Mental Health
John George Home
Jackson Friendly Home
UWJC’s CARE Enrollment Office

Email Alison Stoner or call 517.796.5132 and find out if JobSTAR is right for your business.

Click here to learn more about JobSTAR.