Program Success Story Continued

Being awarded a Child Care Network scholarship for my son, Kevin, has helped me through very financially stressful times. Being a single mother is tough especially when I don’t receive child support. For the past three years I have been supporting Kevin and myself almost completely alone. I’m not one to complain or even ask for help when I’m in a tight situation but child care is so very important as well as expensive that I have no choice. Having Kevin enrolled at ABC Academy means so much to the both of us. It’s that extra support and helping hand that teaches Kevin and helps me mold him into a respectful young man while I’m working hard for us. He enjoys ‘school’ as he calls it, so much. He has made friends and it has become part of his routine. Without Child Care Network helping with the cost of his tuition, I wouldn’t be able to make the semi-monthly payments and not only would it break Kevin’s heart to not be allowed to attend, but that would then jeopardize my job that I’ve come so far with.

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