Success Story Continued

For eight years, Joel served his country in the Army, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. When he returned home, Joel went to the Community Action Agency for assistance through their supportive services for veteran families to get help with buying a house. Joel was referred to the Housing Counseling Department, where he and an advocate sat down, discussed his goal and created a plan to get him and his family into a home. First, he needed a budget, and he needed to save.  He enrolled in the Financial Stability Workshops. Over time and with the skills Joel learned in the workshop, he improved his credit score, learned how to be financially organized and saved enough for a down payment. Earlier this year, he applied for a VA loan and wrote an offer to purchase a foreclosed property. Joel got the keys to his house recently. There’s a little work that needs to be done, but the important thing is that Joel and his family have a home and the skills to remain financially stable.

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