Family Counseling Success Story Continued

…function anymore.  A trauma informed assessment helped the therapist identify that she was experiencing severe depression as a result of past trauma.  This had an impact on her family and marriage.  She was lying in bed all day, not eating and she couldn’t safely care for her two young children.  She was having flashbacks about a horrible trauma she had suffered.  To avoid feeling the overwhelming feelings of fear and hopelessness she tried sleeping.  When she couldn’t care for her kids she knew she needed help.  Without the sliding fee supported by United Way of Jackson County, she stated she would not have been able to seek counseling.  Through trauma informed intervention and counseling she learned about how trauma changed her and what she could do to change back.  She was able to experience those feelings safely in the room, and was able to get to a point where the memories became just memories.  She became more active and could enjoy and take care of her children again.  She sought a job and got one.  She reports feeling again.  She has hope for the future for herself and her children.

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