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Energizing Education unveiled its Giving Grid campaign at the annual Family Night event on April 27th at the Michigan Theatre. According to Ken Toll, President and CEO of United Way of Jackson County, the Giving Grid works by allowing donors to click on a box to make a donation, upload a photo or logo, and share why EE is so important. Energizing Education operates in seven Jackson County elementary schools and has plans to grow in the future. To make that growth possible and to make EE a sustainable program serving all interested schools, Energizing Education needs your support. The first donors to the Giving Grid campaign were Dawn Foods Foundation, Industrial Steel Treating and the Levy family. The online campaign hopes to raise $300,000. Check out the EE Giving Grid at the animated link above and consider a gift to this valuable program that is making an impact.

99% Energizing Education students improved at least one reading level last year!

EE needs mentors and financial support.  Visit the Energizing Education website to learn more about the program and to find out how you can help.



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