General Contact Information:
United Way of Jackson County
536 N. Jackson St.
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 784-0511
(517) 784-2430 FAX

Resource Development
Is your organization interested in running a United Way campaign?  Do you have questions about your annual fundraising efforts?  Call United Way of Jackson County’s Campaign Corner, Beth and Marc will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Beth Shafer
Director of Resource Development
(517) 796-5119
    Marc W. Daly
Campaign Manager
(517) 796-5124




Community Solutions
Responsible for investing in critical programs that move Jackson forward! Bethany and Alison welcome all questions regarding our funded partner programs.

Bethany Stutzman
Community Solutions Director
(517) 796-5123
Alison Stoner
Community Solutions Manager
(517) 796-5123




Energizing Education
Our reading program that is improving the skills of elementary school students across the county. Mentors and donations are needed!

Lois Dunning
Energizing Education Manager
(517) 990-6072 x 282
Charlie Miller
Recruitment Coordinator
(517) 990-6070 x 281




Office Operations
Contact Rita for donor receipts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, any electronic banking or other questions.  Contact Melissa if you any questions about the United Way campus, including reserving meeting rooms or inquiring about available lease space.

Rita Jewell
Director of Operations
(517) 796-5122
Melissa Silveus
Operations Administrative Assistant
(517) 796-5134




Labor Liaison
Contact Margaret with questions about FEMA and basic needs funding, Labor Participation Committee’s community classes, or anything involving organized labor fundraising efforts.

Margaret Grose
AFL CIO Community Services Liaison
(517) 796-5121

Volunteer Center
Want to volunteer?  Are you looking for volunteers?  Do you have questions about any of our volunteer opportunities? Stephanie has the answers to these questions.

Stephanie Schiro
Community Resource Associate
(517) 796-5120

Chief Executive Officer
Well what can we say?  The buck stops here.

Ken Toll
President and CEO
(517) 796-5128

Click here for a complete listing of our staff.


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