Success Story Continued

Olivia’s dad hasn’t been home for six months.  He has missed so many things in her young life.    He is among the men and women who are serving in the military.  Olivia loves her dad to the end of the earth and she misses him so much when he is gone.  He was home on leave for a short period and was making up as much time as possible.  He’s heard of how much she loves her dance classes and he was looking forward to seeing her first ever performance.  The big day was coming up but his orders were to leave the morning of the recital.  The Jackson School of the Arts has a strict policy to never let parents in to watch the rehearsal.  For this family they made an exception.  Olivia’s mom and dad sat next to each other and watched their daughter dance.  They were filled with pride and thankful for the opportunity to watch their baby girl dance.  Afterwards, he thanked the Jackson School of the Arts not only for the chance to see his daughter perform but for the affordable classes that Olivia looked forward to every week.

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