86% of participants showed a knowledge gain regarding financial management through Financial Freedom classes.
Rhonda has very limited income.  She works hard and wants more for her
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9,670 people received 5 days-worth of food, utility, housing or other basic needs assistance last year.
A senior citizen came to the Salvation Army seeking help with his energy bill and other services.  He had recently assumed responsibility for several of his younger sister’s children and…
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The VITA program served 6000 Jackson residents last year and returned more than $4.5 million to Jackson County.
In the process of preparing this year’s tax return, Cindy explained to the VITA volunteer that she was about to be evicted because she…
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Last year 423 of Jackson’s most vulnerable citizens were protected and cared for by emergency guardians.
Jack’s dementia was diagnosed while he was at Henry Ford Allegiance Health being treated for severe medical complications.  Important medical decisions needed to be made, but…
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99% of low income clients who received free legal services had a successful outcome.
Rose contacted Legal Services of South Central Michigan after her husband unexpectedly went to prison.  Rose and her children were…
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The Juvenile Diversion program keeps kids out of trouble and in school with a 94% success rate.
13-year-old James came to the Juvenile Diversion and Truancy Prevention Program earlier this year.  James was a first time offender with an…
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425 Women received housing, food and other resources last year.  Here’s just one of those at the AWARE Shelter. 
She came to the shelter after being abused by her boyfriend and his parents.  She was also dealing with the threats of them taking her young child away from her as well.  She immediately empowered herself.  She had a steady job and…
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Around 50 Senior Women are living in a safe environment with meals and baseline healthcare at the Jackson Friendly Home.
Tracy was living in a one room apartment without family support for years and her health began to fail.  She was receiving support from local food banks and local agencies but needed more support for…
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Jackson’s most vulnerable elderly men have affordable housing.
Bob came to the John George Home from a nursing home a few months ago.  He knew that he didn’t have a long time to live due to his…
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