Campaign Cabinet volunteers are top executives & local community leaders who develop strategies for, and implement, successful workplace campaigns.

These are the people with a passion for helping our community, who give of their time, working diligently to quietly pull off our fundraising campaign year after year. They are the essence of what we are able to accomplish in Jackson County. They are actively out telling the United Way story, raising money and awareness among their peers in business, finance, education, government and professional sectors of our county. We are grateful for the volunteer powerhouse that is Campaign Cabinet.


Campaign Vice-Chair Chad Rumsey and Chair Ted Ykimoff

Campaign Vice-Chair Chad Rumsey and Chair Ted Ykimoff

Campaign Chair  
Ted Ykimoff, Consumers Energy

Campaign Vice-Chair
Chad Rumsey, County National Bank

CMS/ Consumers Energy
Brian Rich, Consumers Energy

Co-Chairs: Brian VanBlarcum, Consumers Energy
Chad Rumsey, County National Bank
Keri Wood, Eaton Aerospace

General Business
Co-Chairs: Greg Ward, Consumers Energy
Stacy Snyder, CP Federal Credit Union

County Government
Chair: Jerry Jarzynka, Jackson County Prosecutor
Cierra Sowle, Jackson County Prosecutor’s office

City Government
Chair: Kelli Hoover, Parks and Recreation

Allegiance Health
Co-Chairs:  Lynda Waldron, Henry Ford Allegiance Health
Jill Yehl, Henry Ford Allegiance Health

Chair: Mike Smajda,  Western School District

Health and Human Services
Chair: Vacant

Chair: Jan Riede, Retired from Consumers Energy

Dentists: Dr. Ed Mathein, Center for Family Health
Attorneys: Vacant 
Accountants:  Vacant

Labor Representatives
Randy Ramirez, Miller Tool & Die
Margaret Grose, Labor Liaison United Way of Jackson County