Success Story Continued

Hi Ms. Shelley, I loved it when you came to my school.  I have a lot of friends who thinks it’s cool to smoke pot and get drunk.  They ask me to join them all the time and it is so hard to say no. I don’t want to be lame and be bored.  It is so cool how you helped us come up with funny ways to say no without looking dumb.  I didn’t realize how much I was putting myself in bad situations until you did the circle thing in class.  It really made me think about planning ahead avoiding bad situations.  But the best thing I learned was about choices and how they affect me and others.  The four pieces of paper thing we did in class really changed me.  I still have the pieces of paper in my room.  That whole thing changed me and made me realize how important it is to make good choices for myself and not let my friends tell me what to do.  This was the best program EVER!!!!!  You are a great teacher and I think every kid should go through this program.

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