Success Story Continued

Danna struggled most of her adult life.  She was working, going to school and trying to raise her daughter.  She hoped life would get a little easier when she moved in with her boyfriend.

It got worse.

Instead of being supportive and encouraging, he was controlling and abusive.  The verbal abuse escalated to physical abuse.  Danna endured this life for a year.  Through pain, confusion and a lot of tears, she decided that this would not be her life, that she and her daughter deserved better.  They left everything behind and escaped to the AWARE Shelter.  Immediately she began seeing a trauma counselor.  While getting emotional and basic needs support at the AWARE Shelter, Danna continued to work and go to school.  She is focused on becoming a nurse.  After only a month, she found an apartment and a new beginning for her and her daughter.  The AWARE Shelter provided them with food, toiletries, linens, clothing, dishes and other basic items to get them started in their new home.  Danna has continued to see a trauma counselor at the AWARE Shelter for ongoing emotional support.

Danna is on her pathway to success and stability.

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