After School Program Success Story Continued

Maria came to the Lily Missions Center in January, right after Christmas break. She had previously called United Way’s 2-1-1 and was referred to this United Way funded after-school Program.  She called because her 2nd grade son was failing.  Not only did they enroll her son in the program, they also enrolled her 4th grade daughter and her 4-year-old son.  The youngest of the three couldn’t count to 3 nor could he recognize letters–not even the ones in his name.  The oldest was distant, didn’t socialize and didn’t have many friends. 

What a difference a few months of mentoring, tutoring and structure makes.

By May, Maria’s children were flourishing.  The youngest could write his name and was counting past 25.  Her middle child was making great strides and was improving everyday with his reading, math and computer skills.  And Maria’s daughter was able to join the Girl Scouts through this afterschool program.  She had increased self-esteem, she had new friends.  This young girl who was somewhat disconnected was now selling Girl Scout cookies. 

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